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# coding: utf-8
"""This module provides functions to compute integrals of Bessel functions."""
import numpy as np

from scipy.special import spherical_jn
from scipy.interpolate import UnivariateSpline
from scipy.integrate import simps # cumtrapz, quad

_DEFAULTS = {"numq": 3001, "numr": 3001}

[docs]def spline_int_jlqr(l, qmax, rcut, numq=None, numr=None): r""" Compute :math:`j_n(z) = \int_0^{rcut} r^2 j_l(qr) dr` where :math:`j_l` is the Spherical Bessel function. Args: l: Angular momentum qmax: Max :math:`|q|` in integral in Ang-1 rcut: Sphere radius in Angstrom. numq: Number of q-points in qmesh. numr: Number of r-points for integration. Return: Spline object. """ numq = numq if numq is not None else _DEFAULTS["numq"] numr = numr if numr is not None else _DEFAULTS["numr"] rs = np.linspace(0, rcut, num=numr) r2 = rs ** 2 qmesh = np.linspace(0, qmax, num=numq) values = [] for q in qmesh: qrs = q * rs #qrs = 2 * np.pi * q * rs ys = spherical_jn(l, qrs) * r2 intg = simps(ys, x=rs) values.append(intg) return UnivariateSpline(qmesh, values, s=0)