Starting a Flow from external filesΒΆ

This example shows how to build a flow for Nscf calculations in which the dependency is given by an external density file.

run from files
import sys
import os
import as abidata
import abipy.abilab as abilab
import abipy.flowtk as flowtk

def make_scf_nscf_inputs(paral_kgb=1):
    """Returns two input files: GS run and NSCF on a high symmetry k-mesh."""
    multi = abilab.MultiDataset(structure=abidata.cif_file("si.cif"),
                                pseudos=abidata.pseudos("14si.pspnc"), ndtset=2)

    # Global variables
    ecut = 6
    global_vars = dict(

    if multi.ispaw:


    # Dataset 1 (GS run)
    multi[0].set_kmesh(ngkpt=[8, 8, 8], shiftk=[0, 0, 0])

    # Dataset 2 (NSCF run)
    kptbounds = [
        [0.5, 0.0, 0.0], # L point
        [0.0, 0.0, 0.0], # Gamma point
        [0.0, 0.5, 0.5], # X point

    multi[1].set_kpath(ndivsm=6, kptbounds=kptbounds)

    # Generate two input files for the GS and the NSCF run
    scf_input, nscf_input = multi.split_datasets()

    return scf_input, nscf_input

def build_flow(options):
    # Working directory (default is the name of the script with '.py' removed and "run_" replaced by "flow_")
    if not options.workdir:
        options.workdir = os.path.basename(sys.argv[0]).replace(".py", "").replace("run_", "flow_")

    # Get the SCF and the NSCF input.
    scf_input, nscf_input = make_scf_nscf_inputs()

    # Build the flow.
    flow = flowtk.Flow(options.workdir, manager=options.manager)

    # Create a Work, all tasks in work will start from the DEN file.
    # Note that the file must exist when the work is created
    # Use the standard approach based on tasks and works if
    # there's a node who needs a file produced in the future.
    work = flowtk.Work()
    den_filepath = abidata.ref_file("")
    work.register_nscf_task(nscf_input, deps={den_filepath: "DEN"})

    return flow

# This block generates the thumbnails in the AbiPy gallery.
# You can safely REMOVE this part if you are using this script for production runs.
if os.getenv("READTHEDOCS", False):
    __name__ = None
    import tempfile
    options = flowtk.build_flow_main_parser().parse_args(["-w", tempfile.mkdtemp()])

def main(options):
    This is our main function that will be invoked by the script.
    flow_main is a decorator implementing the command line interface.
    Command line args are stored in `options`.
    return build_flow(options)

if __name__ == "__main__":

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