Multiple Bethe-Salpeter calculationsΒΆ

This example shows how to analyze multiple MDF files.

  • Real and Imaginary part (averaged over q-points)
  • Real and Imaginary part for individual q-points
import as abidata
from abipy import abilab

# Read data from multiple files.
mdf_paths = abidata.ref_files("", "", "")
robot = abilab.MdfRobot.from_files(mdf_paths)

# Build MultipleMdfPlotter
plotter = robot.get_multimdf_plotter()

# Plot the dielectric function with excitonic effects.
plotter.plot(mdf_type="exc", qview="avg",
             title="Real and Imaginary part (averaged over q-points)", tight_layout=True)

# Plot the dielectric function computed at the RPA level with KS energies.
# Show q-point dependence.
plotter.plot(mdf_type="rpa", qview="all",
             title="Real and Imaginary part for individual q-points", tight_layout=True)


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